Press release: Northern Glen Innes Project turning our community into a Construction Site

Since the 156 state house tenants households in Glen Innes North received letters from Housing NZ threatening the future of their homes, this issue has taken on a life of its own.

It appears the entire area (Tamaki) will become a construction site. This scorched earth approach is nothing more than property developers land grab.

After many years of due process, which was ignored by council (mid 2000’s) district plan change ‘61’ was introduced and is now operative. Area ‘A and area ‘B’ mentioned in the September Housing NZ News Letter to tenants was never in the Glen Inness renewable project. Area ‘A’ was applicable to the 4-story road frontage and area ‘B’ was for 5 stories on the old Tamaki Girls College site.

The Tamaki Housing Group point out the present area ‘A’ and ‘B’ are tacked onto and added to the renewal project that then appeared from nowhere in September. We should see these A & B areas removed from the planning process immediately as they were never part of the Glen Innes Renewable Plan.