Press release: Minister, Our Elderly Are Not Gang Members

Minister of Housing Believes the Glen Innes Elderly Are Gang Members?

This week, parliament resumed after a recess and predictably there was an appalling attack on state house tenants during the parliamentary question time.

The Housing Minister Phil Heatley had the temerity (by implication) to dismiss the elderly, the disabled and families with young children, as ‘gang members’ to justify forcing them from their homes in the Glen Innes North Land Grab. This insult came over loud and clear in the context of a question asked.

This dreadful reply came from a question ask by Hone Harawira (MP). He asked the minister a very valid question about assurances given to state tenants that this removal of tenants from their long time homes would not happen. The effected A and B areas were the newer part of the Tamaki Transformation Project in the first place.

The Tamaki Housing Group wants an immediate moratorium on any future house removals and state house tenants being coerced out of their homes.