Press release: The State House Sell-Off at What Price?

The recent public disclosure of CEO massive salaries and increases is simply the tip of the iceberg.

The list mentioned the CEO of Housing NZ, Dr. Lesley Mc Turk. There is wide spread public concern about those who are actually in the engine room driving the state housing privatization policy forward. What salary and increases does The Chair of HNZ (Fletchers director Alan Jackson) take home – what of the other HNZ board members?

There are lots of questions being raised at the moment about State Housing stock being transferred this July into the ‘Tamaki Urban Development Agency’.

Who are these people, how much will these backroom operators get in remuneration and bonuses to dismantle the HNZ portfolio. What benefit will those who constructed the policy receive? (Refer 2010 Housing shareholders advisory report)

We all wait with baited breath.