TRC Official Information release

Tamaki Redevelopment Company confirms purpose is to privatise the country’s biggest public asset: State Housing

14 February 2017

An Official Information Act request (seen below or downloaded here: trc-14-2-17-oia-west) has been released by government and Council-owned Tamaki Redevelopment Company confirms what community resistance group, the Tamaki Housing Group, has been saying since the company was first created.

The redevelopment in Glen Innes is not a positive ‘regeneration’ for those who grew up in the community. Instead these seemingly positive words only veil what is happening in the community. The purpose of Tamaki Regeneration Ltd is to ‘redevelop’ state housing stock that was given them (free of charge) 31 March 2016. As their letter explains, ‘redevelop’ means to demolish the (ex-state) houses (after evicting tenants) and then sell the land to property development companies (the “procurement of partners”).

The Official Information response dodges the question of how much land is being sold for and which companies are involved in buying the public land. It does tell us however that there are no requirements on the property developers to produce affordable housing, whether social housing or private houses. This helps explain why private houses being built on previously public land are more than $800,000.