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Nearly every Thursday night for six months houses are removed from GI by trucks.  Here we will post testionies from witnesses about what happened:

On Tuesday 22nd November the Tamaki Housing Group and supporters gathered on Apirana Avenue at 7:30pm to protest against the removal of state homes out of the area to make way for private development, an ongoing struggle. Thursday nights often result in multiple arrests and excessive force used by police on protesters. The Glen Innes wahine held a banner at the front of the group of protesters, chanting “when Glen Innes is under attack, stand up fight back”. When the paddy wagons arrived with an ample number of police, people shouted “army of the rich, enemy of the poor”. The police then ran in formation up Apirana, an unexpected tactic which lead to the group dividing and the police forming a line between the two groups pushing the GI wahine and protestors down Apirana, enabling the trucks to begin to move. Those left at the top part of the street formed lines, linking arms and were pushed up the street, the ute facilitating the removal would not slow down causing some protestors to be placed in significant danger. The police then took individual protestors by dragging them, and holding their necks tightly to enable the truck to move. One protestor was arrested at this point. Some protestors were able to escape the police restraint and ran around the back streets to get to the top of the road. The trucks were moving the houses swiftly and there was not enough numbers left to block the trucks as the police still held the line. The police are supposed to protect communities – “safer communities together”.They are protecting commodities instead, facilitating the removal of the very beams that hold the community together. The memories and narratives of the GlenInnes community are embedded in the very walls of these houses, which are being uprooted and created into disembodied commodities at our governments disposal.


Thursday 11th October, Roof Occupation

After picketing moving trucks every Thursday night for six months, where protesters were arrested and brutalized over and over again, five women climbed onto a stolen house that had been taken to Lunn Ave in Mt Wellington to be moved later that night.

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Sunday 15th July, BBQ on Taniwha St

On a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, residents and supporters of Glen Innes gathered to share stories and rally together.  It was cold, but the kai was plentiful and delicious!

Testimony of the importance of state houses from Mr Henry (video)

Rallying chants in front of the newly decorated People’s House (video)


Defend GI families from eviction ! – Aroha’s testimony (video)